We are in the cloud, we are the cloud

These are exciting times for anyone making use of technologies.  Communication has overcome the restrictions imposed by cabling by overtaking the airwaves; cloud computing is taking over the provision of services, and the Personal Computer is becoming more and more portable.

All of these technologies enable Companies and Organisations to create real communities interacting through both cyber and personal contact, which has brought an unprecedented surge in social networking (we may think of websites when using this term, but the website are simply a bridge over geographical distances, and sometime even social distances, that enable real people to have real interactions).

It can be however difficult to assess which combination of which technologies will be the most useful, and will generate the greater return on investment, subject to your organisation’s goals and resources.

We specialise in creating virtual environments for small and medium organisations (up to 3000 users) to help minimise the cost of your infrastructure.  You can then open areas of your infrastructure to your community, whether this is the public, your supply chain, your staff, or your members. 

We can also help you share your cloud infrastructure, if you wish to create revenue stream for higher returns on your investment, or if you prefer, simply make use of existing cloud service providers.

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